RSS Feed
This is a simple code, which I have used to create my own RSS feed

Creating the Feed

public class RSSFeed

public static List CreateFeed()
var items = new List();
var blogs = Models.Blog.Queries.BlogQuery.RenderActiveList();
foreach(var blog in blogs)

var item = new SyndicationItem()
Id = Guid.NewGuid().ToString(),
Title = new TextSyndicationContent(blog.Title),
Content = = new TextSyndicationContent(blog.Body, TextSyndicationContentKind.Html),
PublishDate = (DateTime)blog.PublishDate,
LastUpdatedTime = (DateTime)blog.UpdateDate,
item.Links.Add(SyndicationLink.CreateAlternateLink(new Uri(String.Format("{0}",blog.Name))));//Nothing alternate about it. It is the MAIN link for the item.
//This is so code project can see it!
//This is simply, just so Code project can see my RSS feeds
item.Categories.Add(new SyndicationCategory("CodeProject"));

//Add my tags as categories
string[] tags = blog.Tags.Split(',');
foreach (string tag in tags)
item.Categories.Add(new SyndicationCategory(tag));



return items;

public static List CreateFeedCP()
var items = new List();
var blogs = Models.Blog.Queries.BlogQuery.RenderActiveList();

return blogs;

MVC view
This simply references the above code and returns it as a Action Result

public ActionResult RssFeed()
return new RssFeed("application/rss+xml", "Coopsblog", String.Format("A RSS feed to my blogs"),PrimaryCore.RSSFeed.CreateFeed());

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