Linq DataContext Conflict and Deadlock resolve

When your trying to input a large amount of data, there is always a chance you may get conflict or deadlocks when committed to the database.

Rich Text box and Insert text at last location

A simple way to insert text into a location in a rich text box.

Azure blob container upload application

A simple Azure blob container upload application, coded in c#.

SQL Server Finding table details (columns names and types)

This is a quick and easy way of using Linq Lambda expression to interrogate the SQL server INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS, to get details about a given table.

SQL Server Finding all database names using Linq

Being able to use Linq Lambda expressions to query the sys.database table to find all the tables on a given SQL server

Look for a value within all fields on a SQL database

This is a simple query which will look for a value within any table within any field on a SQL database.

Azure service bus relay

Creating a simple and easy to use way of accessing internal services from your Azure application

MVC HTMLHelper to know a mobile device

This is a simple example on how I've used a HTMLHelper to alter my partial view paths, for mobile or not.

Web API with ASPNet Core

Creating a simple Web API with ASP Core

Communicating with Web API in C#

A simple class library to Post and Get etc data to a Web API within C#

Converting XML into data object

This is a simple example of using XMLSerializer to convert an XML string into a data class within C#

Converting a Data class object content into an XML string

This is a simple method, which will take a data object and convert it into an easy to use XML string

Using WCF service without Config

Creating and calling a WCF service, without having the Config entry within the main solution config file

Write better code

Good code is maintainable, reusable, and testable. If you don't organize everything from the start, especially for big projects. The coding processes and code management afterwards may end up not just time consuming, but also a big headache. This article introduce you to some best practices that will help you write better code and help make you and your team happy and efficient.

Track a document within a printer queue

Check a document within your Printer queue, in C#

RSS Feed

Creating your own RSS feed

Getting data using Dynamic object from Winforms

Using Dynamic objects to retrieve data from a winform, I've not got direct access to.

Closing Adobe Preview process within a Winform

Making sure that Adobe Preview closed quickly and does not sit there waiting for Adobe to close (Well sit there an do nothing), before your preview can close

Using Case to convert Date format in SQL Select

Making sure you get a real date format when playing with date data, which is a string value

SOLID in practices

Using a best practice like SOLID is easier said than done. This is my understanding and implementation,

Visual Studio open forms in Code edit as default

Open a form class in code view as default, not form editor

SQL and Sub queries

Over the years I have done a lot of SQL, but I have found that Sub queries are one of the more useful techniques when it come to analysis.

SQL Temp tables

Temp tables are good for simulating the effect on a database, before you need to commit your request on a live server

Printing PDF using Ghostscript in C#

Using ProcessStartInfo and Ghostscript you can print PDF documents without Adobe

Visual Studio Team Foundation Service Agile Bug Log

This is an blog to show my current codeporoject article, on how to consume

Silently printing PDF documents in C#

This logic will take a generated PDF document and attempt to print it silently to the default printer

Creating code snippet view panel on a HTML page

This is own version of creating a code snippet view panel for a HTML page, so I can show code snippets within a HTML page

Getting Data Using Interface with Winforms

A way that I've used and called interface object, within a new Winform application.

Entity framework 6 and Persisting record to DB

I've gone back to Entity framework and straight away found a problem, when trying to insert two record in two different relationship tables. You don't get this issue when using DataContext and creating my own entities.

Hello World

This is my first ever blog, so this is my hello World
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